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Taurine Heart and Eye Health Support Cat Paste 2x50G


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Product Details

Gimcat Taurine Heart and Eye Health Support Cat Paste 2x50G

Cats healthy yaşamasına support is paste heart and eye health positive affects.
Cats gelişimlerinde by them at all times the product can use over the years.
Become the focus of the eyes and in the heart of performansıyla cat owners.

Healthy Eyes

Experienced in cats eye üründen to get help. Support toothpaste cats ever better see AIDS.
So eye problems that occur are also eliminated. Each cat healthy that day gratuity.

Heart In Positive Effect

Using the product from the moment you start of the positive effects of yourself you will notice at.
Lives along the healthy günlerin are involved in. Support toothpaste prevents formation of possible heart problems.

Support To Sever

Place in paste area of nutrients to the lives of support from being never gives up.
The product used for each breed cat cats in their lives is the indispensable nutritional value.
Conservationist structure to the Cats hakkettikleri healthy life. So a special meaning for cats.

Sevecekleri Taste

Made specifically for cats match cats sevecekleri taste. Gorgeous tastiness gurme cats to impress.
Is either in between meals can be used in an easy way. So cats all nutrients when heart and eye
Healths secured at the. Is kind of privileged continue to offer support.

For cats, heart and eye health support, the most important essential amino acids the taurine and containing various vitamins, sugar Free, delicious and healthy cat paste.* Candy, preservatives and coloring matter.

* It is free from the combination of vitamin B and calcium, nervous and heart functions as well as energy metabolism provides support.

* Taurine, heart muscle helps to strengthen and heart health.

* Taurine, protects the integrity of photoreceptor cells in the retina, eye cells development and eye functions healthy.

* Taurine, general health, bone and feather health supports, shiny and healthy feather structure contribute to the formation of Saggar.

* Its taurine especially yavrularda fast development supports.

* Your body from the immunity and infections savaşma power.

* Gimcat taurine paste is delicious, patisine is ploughed, licking it by using provides convenience.

* Can be used as prizes.

Product Content;

Side herbal products, molluscs and crustaceans (4 green shell clam powder), meat and animal products.

Analysis of the product;

Crude protein 5,50, crude fat 34,50, crude fiber 1,50, crude ash 9,50, humidity 12,00 to 1,80 of calcium, vitamin B1 133 mg/kg, vitamin B2 100 mg/kg, vitamin B6 67 mg/kg, vitamin B12 467 ug/mcg, taurine 18.000 mg/kg, antioxidants.

Daily Consumption Quantity;

* Daily as 6 cm (0,5g) giving advice is.

* Directly or mamaya mixing giving advice is.


Store at room temperature.

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