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Spring Summer Flea Dog Collar Amitraz And Natural Medicinal Plant Preparations For Dog Effective For Up To 4 Months



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[range of application]: cats and dogs for more than 3 weeks are available

[main ingredients]: amitraz and natural medicinal plant preparations

[effect]: This product for the pet safety growth stage characteristics, pioneered the use of North America’s new fifth generation of potent non-toxic pesticide formulations (dog special) and natural medicinal plant preparations in dogs and cats. The neck wearing, direct action, rapid killing by infestation of fleas, lice, ticks, mites and other adult mosquitoes. Proprietary long-acting release is not effective to kill pests to ensure rapid hatching egg reduction. The dual function of outstanding long-term helminthicide kill for pet health, build a solid protective barrier, playing outside instead of ordinary collar.

[Methods]: the belt body after softening process, directly worn on the dog’s neck, without discomfort. The regulation of insurance deduction, maintain 1-2cm space, make the dog feel comfortable, avoid direct water rinse, to extend the insect reduction protection effect.

Name: pet flea collar Applicable season: spring and summer
Material: amitraz and natural medicinal plant preparations Shelf life: sealed for 3 years
Suitable for: Small medium large dogs cats Weight: 35g
Specifications: Cat uses collar 16.5-27cm

                        Small and medium-sized dogs use a collar of 23-37cm

                        Large dog with a collar of 33cm-56cm



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>>>Plastic buckle

Environmental safety, can be conveniently and quickly put on pet.

U daughter card ring<<<

Simple U – word design, delicate card ring convenient for pets wearing traction rope.

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>>>Quality fabric

Strong and durable, add insect repellent to the fabric and repel mosquitoes after wearing them.




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Cat, Small medium dogs, Large dog


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