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Puppy Dog Pee Training Pad Ultra Absorbent 60x45cm


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ULTRA ABSORBENT PUPPY DOG ÇİŞ TRAINING Pedi 60 X45CM 10LU Dog Pee Training Pad 60x45cm 10’lu
An advanced dolguya possesses first class yavru pee pads, fluids-proof 6 layer has a structure and the fast-drying pads that one.
Pee training pad köpeğinizin toilet will assist in the education.
Also for indoor growing and sick dogs also need removal provide.
Dog cages and taşımalarda also can be used easily.
Non-woven fabric and high quality raw materials through pad expired even without ripping remain intact.
Polieliten support through the use of liquid into the ground does not leak.


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