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Max Adult (MAXA012)

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Max Adult (MAXA012)


Fully balanced and complete nutrition chunks 5*, for dogs of 12 months and older…


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Max Adult (MAXA012)

Food for pet dog.


Fully balanced 5 star-feeding for adult dogs. Choose Max for a complete nutrition and a perfect start for an adult dog!

Complete feed for dogs.
Max Adult is a Super Premium Plus nutrition in chunk form and contains high-quality ingredients. By the addition of the supplements: Dog Mobility en Doggy Parex is Max Adult the most complete nutrition for a adult dog. Dog Mobility ensures mobility and maximum bone support. The specific herbs in the Doggy Parex will ensure the intestinal flora and bowel hygiene remain continuously in balance.
Max Adult is specific, unique and perfectly composed to the needs of an adult dogs. Rich in essential Omega fatty acids, Vitamins and Minerals.
Max Adult is free of wheat and gluten. Suitable for all dog breeds from 12 months and older.

The unique benefits of MAX:
Ster MAX prevents bad breath and obesity.
MAX optimizes digestion and care of the teeth.
Ster MAX has a unique combination of nutrition and flavor.
Ster The size of the crispy MAX-chunks (10 x 10 mm)
is suitable for any dog.
Ster The composition of MAX ensures you don’t need to give anything else.
Ster MAX contains Doggy Parex and Dog Mobility.

With Max Adult your dog will be perfectly balanced.

Feed instruction
Depends on age, race and weight.
Scroll down for the feeding schedule.

                        Seen on television!

Max Adult is composed of the following components:

Doggy Parex
Doggy Parex
Your dog is daily exposed to a potential worm infestation. A infection, which can also be transferred to your children! How often you deworm, once the product is elaborated, your dog is no longer protected. Doggy Parex provides a complete cleaning of your dog’s body. Doggy Parex give a beautiful shiny coat and activates the immune system of your dog.

Dog Mobility
Optimal support for bones and joints.

Early wear of bones and joints is a common problem for dogsDog Mobility, this gives your dog a limit on mobility. Research shows, dogs need a product which prevents premature wear of the bones. With that purpose in mind, developed drs. Smith: Dog Mobility. Dog Mobility ensures optimum protection of the skeleton, ligaments and tendons. Max supports the musculoskeletal system and thus the mobility of your dog every day.

Natural help at digestion

Dogs increasingly have to deal with digestive problems. SpijsverteringMAX helpt your dog with this problem. Through the unique combination of yucca extract, fructo oligosaccaride, mannan oligo, saccharide, oats and beet pulp. The dog remains more weight by the positive effects on fat absorption and fat drain. The intestines are cleaned and infections are eradicated. Also, the gas formation in the intestines will be reduced, as well as the strong smell of urine.

Perfect in balans
Haar & Vact

The balanced composition of MAX has been chosen with care. The tasty food contains all the ingredients wich give MAXimum support to your dog. MAX stimulates digestion, it contributes to the mobility of your dog and activates the immune system. This all will give good vitality benefits and a beautiful shiny coat.

By leaps forward

Omega 3 en 6
In MAX are used high-quality ingredients. Only the best is good enough for your dog. MAX helps to improve the condition of your dog. By the addition of omega-3 and 6 (Salmon Oil) it will strengthen the immune system. Salmon Oil has also a positive effect on heart and vessels. Combined with a rich blend of vitamins it will already result in a healthy shiny coat within 10 days! And MAX also helps your dog faster through the moult.

Chicken & Rice

Evolution teaches dogs are true carnivores. The base of MAX contains for 25% chicken meat
Kip & Rijstof quality that would fit on our own plate! In MAX you can not find processed offal. In addition to chicken as the protein source, we deliberately chose rice as an ingredient. The combination of these ingredients will be suitable for all dogs. Even dogs that quickly exhibit an allergic response.

                    Daily dosage for              Daily dose for
Weight             Adult dogs            active, convalescent and
(grams / day)       pregnant dogs (grams / day)
< 5kg               25 – 90                             30 – 110
5 – 10 kg          90 – 150                           110 – 180
10 – 15kg         150 – 210                         180 – 250
15 – 20kg         210 – 260                         250 – 310
20 – 30kg         260 – 360                         250 – 310
30 – 45kg         360 – 490                         420 – 560
45 – 55kg         490 – 570                         560 – 670
> 55kg             570 +                               670 +




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