Q. What is PETFOODI?

Answer: PETFOODI meaning is Pet Food International.

Q. Where is PETFOODI located?

Answer: PETFOODI (Pet Food International) is located at Europe. Portugal and Austria. It works online for entire Europe (Schengen Countries), UK (United Kingdom) and USA (United States of America).

Q. Where do you ship/ parcel?

Answer: We (PETFOODI) ship or parcel across Europe (Schengen Countries), UK and the U.S.A, with just a few exclusions. We are not yet shipping to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asian and African Territories at this time.

Q. If I order online, how long does it take to get my order?

Answer: In general, orders placed before 1pm Monday-Friday will be received officially the next day. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will generally be received on Tuesday. Basically, it will compute delivery time like within Schengen Countries (3-5 business days maximum), within UK and USA (5-7 business days maximum). Saturday and Sunday holidays so, this should consider.

Q. What does "natural" pet food mean?

Answer. Natural PET FOOD means we use ingredients that are derived from natural plants, animals and minerals in our recipes and that PET FOODI’s pet food contains no artificial preservatives or colors.

Q. What does "natural flavoring" mean?

Answer: At PETFOODI’s natural flavor ingredient is dehydrated whitefish that is in a powder form and is preserved with mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) and a touch of salt.

Q. How should I transition my dog or cat to Wellness?

Answer. The best way to transition onto a new food is to gradually introduce the food by mixing it with the old diet. This is particularly significant when the new food is much tastier than the old, as is the case with Wellness. Mixing the food will allow the dog to acclimate to the new taste and not overindulge on the new food.

When food transition is not an option, there are a few ways to ensure a good transition:

Feed multiple, smaller volume meals. This will decrease the likelihood of over-consumption and provide for a more consistent, firm stool. This is an especially good option for puppies and senior dogs.

Add clean warm water to the food to help soften it.

Add a digestive aid such a boiled brown rice or sugar-free canned pumpkin.

Q. What type of Food or Brand is the best for my Cat/Dog?

Answer: To be honest, this is a loaded question, and there is no one right answer. Some pets will thrive on one food, while that same food may not agree with another.

There are numerous types of pet food on the market dry – canned, freeze dried, raw and each of these can be broken down into their own categories. All of these foods offer their own benefits, and can be used independently or in conjunction with another. Deciding amongst these options largely can depend on your pets individual needs, activity level, palate and budget.

When choosing the best food for your pet we recommend a few things:

Take your animal’s individuality into account – and incorporate some fresh food.

Apply a variety of proteins and even brands of food over time. Rotation may help prevent nutrient deficiencies and even prevent food sensitivities.

Take note of your pet’s response – do they enjoy eating, do they seem hungry often or are they routinely experiencing digestive problems? All of these could be clues that the diet could use attention.

Q. Are all of your (PETFOODI’s) pet foods expensive?

Answer: Absolutely not. This is the biggest misconceptions certainly. We carry a wide range of pet foods in all price ranges and be sure to let our staff know about any budget you may have. It is else important to keep in mind that comparing price per pound is one of the most inaccurate ways to gauge cost – as other factors like calories, protein, fat and digestibility all factor into cost of feeding ANY pet food.

Q. What raw products do you carry?

Answer: We have a huge selection of raw products. From the wide variety of our collection / listings, just you have to choose which one you prefer most.

Q. What other pet foods do you carry?

Answer: We carry a wide-ranging selection of dry food such as cans, kibble, freeze dried and frozen raw and cooked products. As we are always adding new products, so be sure to check which pet foods you like to choose from the wide ranges of our collection.

Q. How often should I feed my dog with PETFOODI's food?

Answer: It’s up to you to decide, but we recommend you to feed your dog twice a day. What’s most important is what works well for you and your dog. We recommend you to feed puppies a little more often, as they have smaller stomachs and need regular meals to grow. The below guidelines can assist:

0-3 months – feed 4 times a day

3-6 months – feed 3 times a day

6 months + – feed twice a day

Q. How much PETFOODI’s food should I give my dog?

Answer: PETFOODI’s Food Give your dog an amount equal to 1-1.5% of your dog’s weight. You may need to adjust the amount of food depending on activity level, breed and age. For instance, a labrador weighing 25 kg, the daily need is: 25 x 0.015 = 0.375 kg = 375 grams = 375 grams of feed per day. If you are not sure how much food your dog needs, check with our food test that you can find here, or write us at customer@petfoodi.com  and we will help you find what suits your dog.

Q. What payment options do you offer at PETFOODI’s eShop?

Answer: We offer and accept payment by card(s), Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Debit Card, Credit Card, Shopping Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and bank transfer and so on. If you’re facing any problem during checkout & payment then please feel free to write us at info@petfoodi.com

Q. What will happen to my home delivery if I'm not at home?

Answer: If you are not at home, our delivery agent can leave the package outside your door if you choose this when ordering. We strongly advise, Don’t forget to contact us if you don’t receive your parcel in time. If we are unable to leave the package in a safe place when you are away from home, we will contact you to reschedule the delivery for a later date.

Q. I would like to return / refund my package, what do I do?

Answer: If you (unfortunately) need to return / refund your package we will solve it. Contact us at customer@petfoodi.com

As you’re aware, we work hard to produce the healthiest, most delicious, ethically sourced foods and treats for your pets – and we stand behind our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will happily accept returns within 20 days of your purchase. If you made your purchase through our website, to initiate a return, please email us at customer@petfoodi.com or call us at +351-(0) 920171865 and one of our customer care associates will provide you with the appropriate return mailing address and instructions to process the return. Once we receive the returned product at our designated warehouse, we will process your exchange or refund. Unfortunately, we are only able to refund the purchase price for the returned product. Shipping charges will not be refunded.